Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tilly's Tacos - Mexican Restaurant Nears Me

Tilly's Tacos is a Mexican Restaurant and it is some little distance from my house. People like me, (addicted of Mexican Food) this can be dangerous. Food : The Tilly's Tacos menu was full of all my favorite things like Carne Asada Taco, Beef & Chicken Crunchy Tacos, Chile Colorado burrito & bow. So its difficult decide to order or choose tacos. Suddenly waitresses which was waiting for my order suggest me the beef & chicken crunchy tacos, which was also good choice.

Let me tell you that I am from Norco where beef tacos everything reigns good, but I, honestly, don’t know what’s not to like about a beef and chicken crunchy tacos filled with lettuce & cheese,rice, and everything nice! Out of our party of approximately 15 I’d say 9 of us oder Churro in dessert. Clearly a crowd favorite.

In Dessert:
Shaved ice

There is only one thing that can make a Tilly's (A Mexican Restaurant Near Me) better than it is; lemonade. This lemonade was so delicious. It was definitely chilled. I may have had two times. Tilly's has happy hour daily from 11:00am-08:00pm. We had one of our pretty friend Steph Pew birthday and the service was nice they give us to servers for us.

One the best thing they played a Happy Birthday song that they had forgot they forgot to turn off for a solid 5 minutes, so it just kept frizzed. We received very much a couple cocked eyebrow looks as we kept on applauding along for the length of time, however hey, too bad for celebrating? I never had so much musical applauding in my life ha ha.

Air : The eatery was a ton bigger than I expected based upon it's area. Not with standing the two eating segments it likewise has a littler bar region and was really transparent.

All things considered an incredible time was had by all and I saw on their site that they have weekend.

Tilly’s Tacos Mexican Restaurant,
1034 W 6th street, #105,
Corona, CA 92882,
(951) 393-0212

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